Sports betting is a new pastime and entertainment activity that is gaining popularity countrywide majorly because it’s exciting and potentially lucrative. And many states have or are at least on the verge of legalizing full-range sports betting comprising both retail and online betting. Unfortunately, ND is one state lagging in legalizing online sports betting. Here, players can only bet on their favorite sports in person at any of the three tribal casinos; Grand Treasure Casino, Sky Dancer Casino, and 4 Bears Casino.

However, the tune may soon change after the legislators carefully asses the revenues that the state misses by not legalizing online sportsbooks. Many bookies are eying this market and over a dozen may launch soon after online betting is legalized. This will also brew another challenge of choosing an up-for-grabs sportsbook. And one thing to look out for is the payment methods section. A good bookie should offer convenient payment methods. Prepaid cards are certainly what you should find on legit sportsbooks. Read through this text to uncover more about prepaid card betting sites in North Dakota.

What is a prepaid card?

Also known as a stored-value card or prepaid debit card, prepaid cards are reloadable payment cards with which you can add money and use it to pay for many things online and physically. They are usually offered by banks and branded by major credit card companies like American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard. To load the card, users only need to visit an ATM or load them online through their online banks. So, you can add funds to one and use it to make deposits with your online sportsbook in ND with ease.

Making a deposit using a prepaid card at a North Dakota betting site

As a straightforward method of payment at online sportsbooks, prepaid cards allow you to transact with online sportsbooks without disclosing your banking details. Besides, it offers bank-level security for your transactions and the deposits are instant with low or zero cost. Here are steps to make deposits using prepaid cards to sports betting sites in North Dakota.

  1. Find a sportsbook that accepts prepaid cards in North Dakota: With the massive number of online bookies expected to launch in North Dakota, those that will accept prepaid cards will be in handy. So, you’ll just need to get one that accepts the payment method by visiting each and searching for the payment method at the cashier or deposit section.
  2. Sign up for an account: Upon uncovering the bookie that accepts this payment method, go to its home page via the site or mobile app. Next, click on sign-up, register an account, or any related term prompting you to create an account with them. Then follow the registration process to the latter and submit your request for review.
  3. Make a deposit using a prepaid card: Once you have opened an account, log in to the sportsbook and visit its cashier section or deposit section once more. Then choose a prepaid card as your deposit method and enter the amount and card details. Finally, verify your deposits to complete the transaction. If you do not have a card, visit any card providers online or physically, register for one and add funds to it. Luckily, some bookies have their own branded prepaid cards for more convenience.
  4. After the payment has been confirmed, you can begin betting: In many online sportsbooks, prepaid card payments are confirmed instantly and your new balance should be updated within no time. Afterward, you can go back to the bookie’s home page and choose a sporting event. Next, choose a bet type, enter a bet amount, and confirm your first bet.

Is it possible to withdraw money from North Dakota sportsbooks using prepaid cards?

No, many prepaid cards don’t accept withdrawals from online sportsbooks in North Dakota. This is because prepaid cards are not linked to any bank account in their quest to promote the anonymity of transacting with online bookies. Thus, there’s no target account where the funds can go whenever one wants to use them for withdrawals.

The benefits of using a prepaid card at an ND betting site

Prepaid cards offer bettors a sort of account where they can store their betting bankroll far from other funds. And these funds are easy to reach and use. Besides, having them separate helps in responsible gambling because you can only bet with the reloaded amount. So, what are the advantages of using this reloadable card on ND betting apps?


  • Instant deposits: No lengthy transactions take place when making deposits via prepaid cards. The money is just transferred directly from your prepaid card account to the sportsbook account. Thus, your deposits are always updated within no time.
  • Most ND sportsbooks accept prepaid cards: Because of the convenience, security, anonymity, and speed that prepaid card transactions offer, many bookies accept them for payments. Thus, you’ll not find it hard to get a bookie that accepts prepaid cards in the state.
  • Easy to use: To make your transaction, you only need to enter an amount, give the card details, and confirm the process. This is unlike other methods like online banking, where you’ll have to follow lengthy procedures.
  • Many types of Prepaid cards: Reloadable cards come as gift cards, virtual prepaid cards, reloadable cards, and voucher prepaid cards. All these types offer different formats of services and flexibility. So, you can easily find one that best suits you.

Are there any disadvantages of prepaid card betting sites in North Dakota?

Yes. Like every good thing, prepaid cards have their disadvantages too. And these can make them a little limiting to ND players who’d want a hassle-free payment method. Here are some of the prepaid cards’ downsides.

  • You can’t make a withdrawal to a prepaid card: This is the major setback to using a prepaid card with online sportsbooks in ND. With it, you can easily make deposits, but you’ll need an alternative method to make withdrawals. And this can be quite inconvenient to some players.
  • Not widely accepted: Prepaid cards were majorly created to help users make purchases physically or online without handling cash. And since sports betting is still new, only a few reputable bookies have signed contracts with card providers. So, you’ll not find the method in many bookies. But the few sportsbooks accepting them are the industry’s leaders.

Common types of prepaid card sportsbooks North Dakota

Many prepaid cards exist, each offering unique services. For instance, there are those you can reload, those you can gift your friends with, and others serving as vouchers.

Here’s the full list of all bits of prepaid cards in ND.

  • Reloadable Prepaid cards: These are cards that allow you to load them every time the cash runs out. They are convenient because you don’t have to get a new card whenever you want to make deposits.
  • Virtual Prepaid cards: These are online cards that function just like the physical ones and are offered by the same card providers. However, they can only be loaded using online banking and some accept withdrawals because of such links with bank accounts.
  • Gift cards: This variety of cards are those you can receive as a gift. They are of two types: open loop and closed loop. Open loop cards can be used by various merchants to buy a variety of goods not exceeding the value on the card or at online sportsbooks. Meanwhile, the closed loop cards can only be used at a specified merchant store or online sportsbook.
  • Voucher Prepaid cards: As the most anonymous form of prepaid cards, voucher prepaid cards come in various shapes with the same function. It may be a slip of paper or a receipt holding everything you need to complete an online deposit on any sportsbook in North Dakota. And although it’s an uncommon form of prepaid card, vouchers are widely accepted.


How long does a deposit with a prepaid card in North Dakota take?

A deposit with a prepaid card in North Dakota card is instant. The moment you complete the transaction process is the same moment that the deposit reflects. So, you can use the card to make immediate payments just like you would do with hard cash. Remember, payments using the cards are also cheap and completely anonymous.

Do all ND sportsbooks accept prepaid cards as a payment method?

No, not all ND sportsbooks accept prepaid cards as a payment method. Prepaid cards are relatively new to online sports betting. Therefore, they are not as widely accepted as other types of payment methods. But all the leading sportsbooks accept this kind of payment, with some offering their own branded prepaid cards as well.

Is a prepaid card in North Dakota safe to use?

Yes, prepaid cards are completely safe for us in North Dakota. Card providers use bank-level security to protect your transactions and balances on prepaid cards. Besides, you do not give any personal or banking details when using the payment method. However, you should be careful not to let someone else misuse the card.