More and more sportsbooks are available on the North Dakota betting scene. One of the top ones is the Australian-based, PointsBet. This excellent online sportsbook has a wealth of different sports on offer, strong bonuses, and great customer support.

Additionally, it has some of the more unique betting options out there which makes it a popular choice. But, is it the sportsbook for you? Keep reading as we take a look at PointsBet sportsbook North Dakota and see exactly what it can offer you.

No, the PointsBet sportsbook is not yet legal in North Dakota. Despite this state actually has a number of different legal tribal casinos, online sportsbooks are not yet legal. These three casinos can offer sports betting and include Dakota Magic, Dakota Connection, and Dakota Sioux. This is not to say that they won’t be, but in previous years, legislation to legalize gambling has fallen through. There are still attempts to legalize it, but it doesn’t look like it will be for a while.

That being said, there is somewhat of a gray area in ND. This means that some operators can actually accept players from ND even if it isn’t actually legal yet within the state. However, we don’t really recommend doing this, nor do we recommend checking out the other offshore betting sites that you can find. While not illegal, these sites are not monitored by a specific jurisdiction and can actually offer up an unsafe gambling platform, one that is definitely best avoided.

Getting started at PointsBet North Dakota

When PointsBet sportsbook North Dakota does finally become legal, then you’re going to need to know how to get started. Follow our simple guide below, and you’ll be up and running in a very quick time.

  1. Visit the PointsBet website or download the app. PointsBet sportsbook North Dakota is compatible with both phones and desktop devices. To get started, simply head to the main site and click on the sign up button.
  2. Click “join now” to join. Once the registration form is open, fill out all the required details.
  3. Enter your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. Make sure you provide these accurately. Down the line, you will be required to provide ID so the sportsbook will check this against the answers provided here. If they do not match up, your account might be closed.
  4. Choose the deposit method that works best for you. Once you have activated your account, go to the banking section of the site. Here you will be greeted with the different payment options available to you. Choose the one that you prefer. Remember, you will likely have to use the same payment method to withdraw too.
  5. Make sure your deposit is confirmed. Type in your banking details and the amount you would like to deposit. Confirm the deposit amount and wait for it to come through to your sportsbook account.
  6. Place your bets. Deposits, no matter which payment method you use, tend to arrive instantly. You’ll be able to check out the betting options and start playing right away.

Positive aspects of PointsBet North Dakota

As a growing sportsbook, PointsBet has a number of excellent points in its favor. If this is one of the sportsbooks you’re considering joining, then here are some great reasons to do so:

  • Simple sign up process: Getting started on PointsBet sportsbook in North Dakota is very easy. Just click on the registration button and fill out the required details on the form. Generally, this process won’t take you more than five minutes. Additionally, nothing on the form is different from what you find when signing up at other sportsbooks. This means you’re not going to get caught out by anything unexpected.
  • Great promotions: PointsBet also has a number of different promotions. These do change, however, so it’s a good idea to check back in with us to see what the latest offers are. Alternatively, you can sign up for the sportsbook’s newsletter and get the latest bonuses delivered directly to your inbox. Not only are there great bonuses though, but PointsBet is home to some of the more unusual betting options out there. You can enjoy pointsbetting options as well as the ability to request a specific bet not listed on the site via the Name Your Bet option.
  • Wide variety of payment methods: This sportsbook has an impressive array of different payment methods. These include card payments, prepaid cards, and eWallets. Being given the choice is really great for players in ND. This means that you can choose exactly which payment method meets your specific needs. Don’t forget though, the sportsbook does prefer that players use the same payment method for all transactions at PointsBet.
  • Many sports to choose between: As this site has such a strong focus on sports, it comes as no surprise to learn that there are over 20 different sports on offer here. Not only can you bet on an array of different sports, but within each sport are numerous leagues, events, and tournaments, both domestic and international. As such, there are a huge number of different sports on offer, so you’re bound to find something that meets your needs. Additionally, you can enjoy a wide betting market too, where you can find a variety of different bet types such as futures, parlays, totals, and so on. The more variety there is, the better the sportsbook becomes.

PointsBet withdrawals and deposit methods in North Dakota

At PointsBet sportsbook North Dakota, you can find a range of different payment methods for all transactions. There are no fees involved either. Make sure you check the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits for each option before you make a transaction. Here are some of the top options available on the ND online gambling site.

Deposit methods

  • VISA: Possibly one of the most popular online payment methods out there, VISA is also one of the safest. It’s been used online for decades which means most players either have a VISA or know how it works. Deposits are swift and secure, plus you can make large deposits through this payment method.
  • Mastercard: Similar to VISA, Mastercard has been around for a long time. And, it also offers strong security and safety when it comes to online payments. Deposits can occur right away and there are no fees. The issue is that not all banks allow Mastercard payments to gambling sites.
  • Play+: If your bank doesn’t allow transactions to and from a betting site, then Play+ is a great option. It works in a similar way to standard debit and credit cards but is a preloaded card option. You simply fund it from your bank account and then use it just like a card payment. The only thing here is that you will need to make a separate Play+ account for every sportsbook you sign up to.
  • American Express: Growing in popularity, this US-based card payment method is a good option for making deposits if you want to be sure that your transaction is safe. It’s not often found at online betting sites in ND though. A big plus is a fact that, with this payment method, you can earn rewards when you use it.
  • Neteller: If you want to use an eWallet of some kind, then this is one of the best there is. It’s great for those of you who want to remain a little more anonymous as it acts as an intermediary between you and your bank. It offers fast, secure deposits, though there can be fees in place when it comes to withdrawals.

Withdrawal Methods

  • Online banking: This traditional method is great if you want to be certain of receiving your funds. However, as there are multiple layers of security in place, you do need to be aware that this means slower withdrawal. In fact, it can take up to 7 days to get your winnings.
  • VISA: Just like deposits, making a withdrawal with VISA is very secure. The only main issue here is that you might be subject to higher minimum wagering requirements. And, the payments are not instant. Card payments such as this can take up to five days.
  • Mastercard: Just like VISA, Mastercard payouts can take a little longer than normal. However, they do have multiple layers of security in place to ensure this is a good option. Not all banks will allow a Mastercard withdrawal though, so while it is offered with PointsBet, you will need to check if it’s possible with your bank.
  • Venmo: A social media payment option, Venmo has branched out and now offers users the chance to pay companies. The app is very intuitive and easy to use. All you need to do is select the withdrawal and process it through the app. It’s one of the faster payout methods out there.
  • Skrill: Just like Neteller, Skrill is a secure eWallet option. It has high levels of security and a much faster turnaround time than card payouts. In fact, once the pending period set by the sportsbook is up, you can expect to get your winnings within a day. Just be aware, there are fees if you want to transfer funds from your Skrill account to your bank account.

Live betting and live streaming at Pointsbet sportsbook in ND

One of the stand-out features when it comes to PointsBet sportsbook North Dakota is its live betting and streaming options. Both of these give you the chance to keep updated on sports betting in real-time.

Live betting is a growing feature where you can place a bet, and modify it, while the game is actually being played. Because of this, you can actually even cash out early if you see your bet might not play out over the full game time. Additionally, you can place more bets during the game as you see how it is unfolding. Bear in mind that you will not get the same odds as you would when placing a traditional bet before the game starts. The odds will be much lower.

Live streaming is part of live betting and is where the sportsbook actually has the video feed of the game. PointsBet has this option for a number of different sports. This simply means that you can actually place a bet and then watch the game as well. As such, it’s even easier to change and edit bets on the fly. Impressively, the sports betting app also caters to this, so you can stay updated and watch the game when away from home.


Can I get a welcome bonus at PointsBet sportsbook North Dakota?

Yes, you can get a welcome bonus at PointsBet sportsbook North Dakota. This bonus is a great way to boost your initial bankroll at the sportsbook. It's a very good way of getting a good look at the sportsbook and what it offers without having to use much in the way of your own funds.

How old do I need to be to place a bet at PointsBet ND?

You need to be 21 to place a bet at PointsBet ND. This will be checked when you make an online account. You will need to supply your DOB, but then, later on, verify this through the provision of ID. If your age does not match the ID provided, you will not be able to make a deposit or play at PointsBet sportsbook North Dakota.

Is it safe to play at PointsBet North Dakota?

Yes, it is safe to play at PointsBet North Dakota. The sportsbook is fully licensed and uses SSL encryption protocols to protect all your personal data. Additionally, you have to go through a KYC process to prove you are who you say you are proving the site cares about complying with local gambling laws.