Many US states have legalized sports betting or are in the process of doing so. Online sports betting has been illegal in the US for quite some time. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. You can now bet on your favorite sports if you are in the United States. However, online sports betting in North Dakota is still quite new.

When you visit online sports betting sites, you will find popular game titles and generous welcome bonuses. You can also place bets on your favorite sports with ease. This article takes you through the legal state of online sports betting in North Dakota, how to join the sites, top betting sites, and sports you can bet on. Read on to find out more about online sports betting In North Dakota.

No, online sports betting is not legal in North Dakota. There are no laws in the state that permit online sports betting. In 2019, there was a bill was initiated to legalize sports bets. However, this bill failed like others initiated before it.

Fortunately, the state has lottery options and multiple tribal casinos. Also, you can access plenty of charitable gaming options in North Dakota. The state passed legislation that allows legal domestic sports at the tribal casinos. The legal betting age in North Dakota is 18 years.

The Best online sports betting sites in North Dakota

We have prepared for you a list of the best online gambling sites in North Dakota. Here are the best betting sites that you will find in North Dakota.

FanDuel North Dakota

In addition to the good odds, the sportsbook has the most innovative selection of games. Also, the sportsbook offers exciting bonuses that will keep you coming back for more. At FanDuel, you can get live odds on sports and get to sign up for the latest promotions. You will find NFL, college, and world series odds. To make this sportsbook even better, they have free-to-play offers and a betting guide for new users. Therefore, you do not have to possess any special knowledge or skill before joining this sportsbook. If you prefer mobile sports betting, then you will love the FanDuel sports betting app that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

BetRivers North Dakota

The sportsbook is a recognized brand and a trusted leader of US betting sites. If you are in North Dakota, you can register for the BetRivers sportsbook. Also, you will find some of the best betting odds at BetRivers sportsbook. You can bet safely and enjoy the best support when betting on sports events. Other than the generous welcome offers, you can also get free bets as part of promos by the sportsbook. This top-tier sportsbook is also available in many betting markets. Also, you can place your bets on the go with the BetRivers sportsbook app, which is available on both Android and iOS devices. At BetRivers, you can wager on a wide range of sports, such as baseball, football, hockey, basketball, and cricket among others.

Pointsbet North Dakota

Unlike traditional fixed odds betting, Pointsbet offers unique sports odds offers. The sportsbook builds your excitement until your time runs out. Every single point that you can get matters. Also, your payout can change up until the time the game is over. If you win one point or unit, Pointsbet multiplies that win by your wager. When you win two units, then you win twice the wager amount, and so on. This rule also applies to bettors when they lose. The sportsbook has a stop loss slider feature that limits your risk of potential losses from a bet. Unfortunately, this feature also limits your potential winnings. You can wager on football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and so much more. Bettors can access the sportsbook from both Android and iOS devices.

BetMGM North Dakota

The BetMGM sportsbook in North Dakota is available to all sports bettors in the state throughout the year. This betting site is the King of sportsbooks. You can bet on NFL odds from your desktop or build a parlay bet from the BetMGM mobile app. They have a betting guide that takes you through the various sports betting odds and trends. With BetMGM, you can find something that fits your betting strategy and preferences. You can bet on various sports at BetMGM: football, basketball, baseball, college football, and more. Also, they have live sports betting where you can place your wager as the games continue. Live sports betting is available for hundreds of events offered by the sportsbook.

Creating an account for online sports betting in ND

It is easy to create an account for an online sportsbook in North Dakota. You will only require a few minutes to fill in the details, and then you can start placing your bets. Here are the steps you must follow when creating an account.

You can pick one that meets your needs from our North Dakota betting sites list. We have made work easier for you by sampling the best betting sites in North Dakota. You can pick any of the betting sites from our expert list. Before choosing a betting site, make sure it offers your favorite sports and events. Also, ensure that the betting odds are in your favor and that the betting features fit your preferences.

  1. Choose a payment method that suits you. The best online sports betting sites in North Dakota have a wide selection of banking options. You can choose any method from the accepted payment methods list in the sportsbook. There are some methods that do not accept withdrawals from betting sites. Also, take note of the fact that some methods have higher deposit and withdrawal limits than others.
  2. You will be asked to enter your personal information. Usually, there are a few fields to fill in. You will enter your name, date of birth, and social security number and create a password. More information may be required depending on the betting site you are signing up for.
  3. Make a deposit in real money. Use your preferred method of payment to deposit money into the sportsbook account.
  4. Start betting online. Once the betting site approves your transaction, you can start placing bets on the sportsbook!

You can bet on several sports at North Dakota online sports betting sites. We have selected the popular sports for you to guide you when placing bets in your favorite sportsbook.

  • Hockey. North Dakota’s hockey teams have had more than 30 appearances over the years in the NCAA tournament and other events. The state’s best hockey team has also appeared more than 20 times in the Frozen four and won eight championships for the NCAA Division. The Fighting Hawks hockey team is among the best teams in the state. It is a college ice hockey team that plays at Ralph Engelstad Arena. The team is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I. Famous hockey players in North Dakota are Paul LaDue, Ryan Potulny, Josh Olson, and Luke Johnson among others.
  • Football. North Dakota has the North Dakota State Bison in the first division. It has the Mary Marauders and the Minot State Beavers in the second division. You can place bets on any of these football teams from North Dakota. The teams are famous for their skills and good tactics on the field. You can bet on some of the famous football players in North Dakota, such as Max Gunderson, Tyler Goodman, Luke Skokna, CJ Siegel, and Tommy Schuster.
  • Baseball. There are many baseball teams in North Dakota. The leading team is the Fighting Hawks which was originally part of the athletic program at the Grand Forks University of North Dakota. They have had several wins since they were founded in 1901. Other professional baseball teams that you can bet on in North Dakota are Bismarck Churchills, Minot Mallards, and Grand Fork Chiefs, among others. If you love baseball, you may already be familiar with well-known baseball players in North Dakota. Some of these players are Darin Erstad, Travis Hafner, Tim Olson, Chris Costs, and Mark lee.
  • Soccer. This sport is common in the United States. Soccer is among the world’s most popular sports. In North Dakota, you can bet on both the men’s and the women’s soccer teams. An example of a women’s team is the Fighting Hawks from the University of North Dakota. They are known for their famous wins and good defensive skills on the field. There are three top soccer players in North Dakota. This means that you can increase your odds by betting on Brent Goulet, Sean Totsch, and Jeff Solem.

Common bonuses you can get on sports betting sites in lND

Are you a fan of bonuses? Then you will love the bonus offers that are available for all sports bettors in North Dakota. Here are some common bonuses you can get on ND betting sites.

  • Sign up bonus. As the name suggests, this refers to bonuses that ND betting apps offer you when you sign up. They are usually a way of encouraging to register with the sportsbook. The sign up bonus can be in various forms. You can get free bets, a no deposit bonus, or a match bonus when you sign up. The bonus is valid for a limited period of time, usually seven to fourteen days. The casino forfeits the bonus after its expiry.
  • No deposit bonus. This offer is common for new users. It does not require you to deposit in your sportsbook account before claiming it. You can simply create an account and claim it instantly. It allows you to play some games and learn the rules of the games for free. Compared to deposit bonuses, a no deposit bonus is less since you will not use your money to claim it. Most sportsbooks in North Dakota require you to meet the wagering terms before making a payout from this bonus.
  • Risk-free bets. These are bets that do not require you to incur any risks. Therefore, you have nothing to lose. You can also get real money from risk-free bets. The terms of this bonus may vary from one betting site to another. You can get as many risk-free bets as the betting site has on offer but make sure you do not violate their bonus terms. Read through these terms before signing up because you will lose your bonus if you violate them.
  • Cashback bonus. This bonus offer applies where the sportsbook can give you your money back up to a certain percentage if you lose your bet. The cashback percentage depends on the sports betting site. You can cash out your winnings as soon as you meet all the bonus terms of the sportsbook. Though betting sites can offer this bonus to existing users, it is mainly common for new users. This is because it ensures that even though they lose their bet, they can still get some of their money back.

As a sports bettor in North Dakota, there are several bet types that are available for you. Online sports betting usually has more than ten types of bets. Here is a brief description of popular bet types in the state.

  • Totals: With a totals bet, betting sites issue bettors with a specific total on a certain sports event. In most cases, the totals align with the number of points scored in a game. This type of bet works as an or an under bet. Therefore, when placing a bet you will have to make a choice of whether the total will turn out to be over or under the number set by the betting site.
  • Point Spread: point spread wagers are very common in the US. The betting site usually chooses a team that they think is more favored to win the match. Thereafter, the site assigns the total number of points by which they believe the team will win the game. Your bet, in this case, will be on whether the team chosen by the sportsbook is over or understated.
  • Futures: As the name suggests, these are bets that allow you to wager on a sports event in advance. You can predict who will win the next game in an upcoming sports event. It can be hard to pick the correct choice with this type of bet because they are placed so far ahead of the actual game. Therefore, they are, in most cases, referred to as risky bets. Top sports betting sites in North Dakota allow sports bettors to place future bets.
  • Live betting: this type of bet refers to cases where bettors can place wagers on games as they happen in real life. They are loved by any bettors since they feel that one can easily predict how the game will turn out after watching how it started. For instance, you can bet for the second half of the game during the first half. Most online sports betting sites offer live bets.
  • Parlay bets: since parlays are a little bit more complex, they are not friendly to new bettors. However, most sports betting sites have a guide on how to place these kinds of bets. To place a parlay bet, you will have to select a string of picks as part of one wager. All your game picks must be correct to win the bets. These bets are high risk because you lose the whole bet if you miss one pick.
  • Teasers: these are also risky bets that operate similarly to parlay bets. With teasers, you will also pick a string of bets on several games. The difference is that teasers allow you to switch the point spreads to your favor. This gives you a confidence boost over a parlay bet. Your selections in a teaser bet should either be a total bet or a point spread. In most cases, you will only find teasers in football and basketball games.
  • Moneylines: these are the most common type of bets. To place the bet, you will simply pick who you feel will win the game or sports event that you are betting on. This type of bet is friendly to new users. Moneylines are the most basic form of sports bets. They are also known as win bets in other parts of the world. Winning or losing a Moneyline bet depends on whether your team or individual wins the game. In this case, it does not matter the number of points that they win with. All that is considered is that they have won.
  • Over/Under: for over or under bets, the sportsbook usually sets a specific number for a game or sports event. Your bet will therefore be whether the game or the points will turn out to be over or under the number set by the sportsbook. You win if you choose under and the points are less than the number set. Also, you still win when you choose over, and the points turn out to be more than the set number.

Before registering for any betting site, it is wise to know about the various features of popular payment methods. This will help you settle for betting that accepts your preferred methods of payment. This review takes you through popular payment methods at North Dakota betting sites.

  • Skrill: it is a popular payment method across most sports betting sites in the US. This online payment form can be used through the web or on their Skrill app. To use this method, you simply create an account and go through the verification process. Once verified, you can use it to make deposits and withdrawals from your sportsbook account.
  • Neteller: this is one of the largest and most popular e-wallets for online sportsbook payments. You can make both deposits and withdrawals through Neteller. It offers additional security, fast deposits, and quick payouts. The best online sports betting sites accept this form of payment in North Dakota.
  • PayNearMe: if you are unsure about using your credit cards online, then PayNearMe is a good choice for you. To use this method, you simply deposit cash from your local store and use it to make payments online. This method of payment is safe, and it encourages responsible gambling.
  • Play+: this is a cashless way to make online sports betting payments. One can choose Play+ to fund your wagering accounts with ease. You will get the Play+ card and load it with money to use this payment. This secure payment method offers instant transfers to your sports betting site.
  • Venmo: most sportsbooks in North Dakota accept Venmo. There is a Venmo app to make your transaction fast and easy. To use this method, you will create an account and add some money. Then you can visit your desired betting site and select Venmo as your payment method. This method of payment has no charges for any of your withdrawals. Also, Venmo is only available to players within the United States.
  • VISA: the visa card is the most common type of credit and debit card used on online sports betting sites. Almost all sportsbooks accept Visa as a method of payment. To use Visa, you will have to get a Visa card if you don’t already have one. The card is linked to a bank account, and you can use it to make payments on the sportsbook.

North Dakota’s sports betting history

Like any other state In the US, North Dakota has come a long way when it comes to sports betting. Many years back, the state of North Dakota had placed a ban on all games of chance. Later on, in 1976, the ban was done away with, and charity gambling came up. After the United States legalized gambling, the state of North Dakota issued several Native American tribes in the state licenses to operate casinos.

In 2005, a bill proposing to legalize online poker was voted on. It was defeated by a large majority when the votes were tallied. The state has been slow in accepting the various forms of online gambling. For instance, tribal casinos were allowed to operate in 1992. Since then, there have been only six tribal casinos in the state. In 2018, the federal government made a move to encourage states, such as North Dakota, to legalize sports betting.

Residents of North Dakota can enjoy legal horse racing and charity gambling through poker tournaments. In 2016, there was a court battle on the legality of daily fantasy sports. Despite this, daily fantasy sports are available in North Dakota. The supreme court ruling on PASPA in 2018 suggests that the state could soon legalize online sports betting. A bill, HB1925, was introduced in Parliament in 2019 with the aim of authorizing sports betting as a game of chance. The bill was taken to the House of Representatives in North Dakota. In 2019, a law allowing residents to practice sports betting was passed. Since the state has new laws on sports betting, it could take a while before online sports betting becomes legal. North Dakota was late in legalizing gambling compared to other states, which could be why online forms are still illegal. It was not until 2002 that the state changed its constitution to allow an official state lottery in North Dakota.


What is the most popular sports betting site in North Dakota?

The most popular sports betting site in North Dakota is FanDuel sportsbook. This betting site is available in almost all states in the US. You can visit the FanDuel sportsbook site to create an account and start placing your bets.

How old do I need to be to place a bet at an ND betting site?

You need to be at least 18 years to be able to place a bet at a North Dakota sports betting site. However, it is important to note that some online betting sports betting sites in North Dakota can have their own age limits which can be 18 or 21 years. Most sports betting sites in the US set their age limit at 21 years.

When will online sports betting become legal in North Dakota?

It is not clear when online sports betting will become legal in North Dakota. However, with many states in the United States legalizing online gambling, there is hope for the same happening in North Dakota in the near future. There are currently no bills to legalize online sports betting in North Dakota.